DIRIGO STORIES: Crossing guard couple keeps kids safe, one block apart

Lou and Marion Alexander, of Scarborough, have been working together as crossing guards at Reiche Elementary school for 20 years (WGME).

PORTLAND (WGME) -- At the corner of Brackett and Danforth Streets in Portland's West End, there's a man always waiting to help.

"I'm starting my 21st year," said Lou Alexander, of Scarborough.

Alexander is a crossing guard for Reiche Elementary School. He crosses kids every day for one hour in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

"You can't be a couch potato," said Alexander, 81. "That's the worst thing you could do."

The best thing he did, was become a crossing guard. He started when he retired at 60.

"My wife said, 'yeah give him a job, and get him out of the house!' So that's how I started working," said Alexander.

However, Alexander's wife, Marion, wasn't far behind. She's not just a corner away.

"I keep my eye on him, he keeps his eye on me," said Marion Alexander, 79.

She helps students cross one block up from her husband. Together, they've crossed countless kids for 20 years.

"We see kids from here to Portland High School, and now they're graduating from college and they come back and see you," said Lou Alexander.

"They do," added Marion.

The husband and wife crossing guard team takes time off when the winter weather gets bad, but other than that they work as much as they can.

"It gets you out of bed in the morning," said Lou.

"I love watching the kids grow up," said Marion.

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