DIRIGO STORIES: Family enjoying three generations at Portland elementary school

PORTLAND (WGME) -- It's become a family affair at a Portland elementary school.

Special Education Ed Tech Stacey Mooney has been working at Lyseth Elementary School for 15 years. Her daughter, Carrie, began teaching fifth grade at Lyseth last year. Then, Mooney's mom, also named Carrie, began volunteering in her granddaughter's class room once a week.

Three generations. One school.

"Carrie has always wanted to be a teacher so it's cool as a parent and a grandparent that we can see her living her dream," Mooney said.

The Mooney's relationship with Lyseth doesn't end there.

"I actually went to school here," said Stacey Mooney.

So did Carrie Mooney and her siblings.

"That's always been my dream to work where I went to school," said Carrie Mooney.

The trio of women say they don't get sick of spending so much time together. They wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's always so much fun!" said Grandma Carrie Benner.

The real full-circle moment came when the family realized another connection. Carrie's great-grandma was also a teacher, and when she started her career she was 23 teaching in a fifth grade class – the same age and grade as Carrie.

"She would be so pleased," Grandma Carrie said of what great-grandma would think about Carrie's teaching career.

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