DIRIGO STORIES: Puppy and partridge form unlikely friendship

"The Bird" and Gracie, a 6-month-old puppy, play together every day at Gracie's home in Canton (WGME).

CANTON (WGME) -- A puppy has found an unlikely friend and it's giving her owners hours of entertainment.

Gracie, a six-month-old rescue from the Androscroggin Humane Society, has become inseparable from a partridge who lives in the woods next to the dog's house.

"We named him 'the bird.' That's it. 'The Bird'" said Sally Bryant, Gracie's owner.

Bryant says the bird first showed up last summer, and was never afraid of her or her husband.

"He comes right up to the window waiting for us to put food in the bird feeder."

When the puppy showed up in December, the partridge found a new playmate.

"They're totally best friends," Bryant said. "They'll play in the morning and for an hour or two in the evening."

Playing mostly involves running around the front yard of the Bryant's 18-acre property. Most of the time, the bird is chasing the dog.

"That bird has an attitutde, yes he does."

That attitude is pure entertainment for Bryant.

"We love watching them play," she said. "They're a funny couple, aren't they?"

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