DIRIGO STORIES: Shoveling program helps senior citizens

PORTLAND (WGME) -- The snowy stretch last week no only brought out the plows, but also a group of generous volunteers.

The group is out shoveling for senior citizens in Portland who are unable to do it themselves, or can't afford to pay for help removing snow.

The program started with the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Association and psread throughout the city.

It's aimed at people aged 65 and older. Volunteers clear the front door area, pathway, and immediate sidewalk in front of the property.

"I love shoveling," said Brian Owoc, a volunteer in his second year with the program. "It's really tough. It's no where easy, but it's extremely gratifying so it's more than worth it."

For information on joining the program as a volunteer or receiving help CLICK HERE.

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