Fur-Ever Friend: Meet Charles

Meet Charles! (WPFO)

KENNEBUNK (WGME) -- Meet Charles! He is today's Fur-Ever Friend.

Charles is currently up for adoption at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk.

Here is what they have to say about him:


This handsome, regal, sensitive gentleman is Charles. He came to AWS after his owners had a new baby and Charles wasn’t able to adjust to the changes in his home. He showed his displeasure by reverting back to some puppy-like attention-seeking behaviors. He wanted to be the spoiled one, and who can blame him ??

Charles is overall a very well behaved guy. He seems to enjoy any person he meets and even enjoyed living with the multiple young kids in his home when they were not hogging all the attention. Charles’ idea of a perfect home is one where he can be the center of his new home. He doesn’t require attention 24/7, he just wants to know he will get attention when he wants it. He would probably do great with an older kid(s) that would allow Charles to hang around while they play video games or play fetch with him (because he loves fetch!), and even let him sleep in their room. Charles likes laying on a dog bed in the bedroom so he won’t even take up space on a human bed.

When you come visit Charles, you will notice that he limps or holds up one of his back legs. Starting several years ago, his knee cap started popping in and out of place causing the groove around it to wear down. He has been living with this for quite some time now. Unfortunately, surgery doesn’t always correct this issue. Other than causing him to hold his back leg up, it doesn’t slow him down at all. His owners said he still loves to play fetch and wasn’t bothered by it. This new owners will want consult with their veterinarian about the best course of action going forward for Charles. Any potential adopters are welcome to chat with AWS’ veterinarian who is happy to answer any questions they may have.

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