Whoopi Goldberg stands up for Tiffany Trump after Fashion Week controversy

Whoopi Goldberg has offered to sit beside the youngest daughter of President Donald Trump at future New York Fashion Week shows after she was snubbed by other guests.

Tiffany Trump, whose mother is actress Marla Maples, found herself sitting alone at the Philipp Plein showcase on Monday after a number of fashion editors purposefully switched seats so they wouldn't have to take in the presentation beside the 23-year-old.

Photos of Tiffany surrounded by empty seats quickly made the rounds on social media, prompting Goldberg to speak out in her defense and invite Trump's daughter to join her at other Fashion Week events.

The veteran actress' kind gesture came as a surprise to some viewers, as Goldberg has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump's controversial actions as the new U.S. leader, but she made it clear being nice to Tiffany has nothing to do with politics, insisting the switching of seats by some fashion attendees was just "mean".

"You know what, Tiffany, I'm supposed to go to a couple more shows," the Ghost star explained on her U.S. talk show The View. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm coming to sit with you. Because nobody's talking politics. You're looking at fashion! She doesn't want to talk about her dad! She's looking at the fashion!"

Goldberg's offer has since been warmly received by Tiffany, who took to Twitter to write, "Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg I'd love to sit with you too!"

Designer Plein also addressed the incident, telling, "Tiffany Trump is not a politician, she's a teenager (sic)".

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