Car slams into parked dump truck in Lyman

A car has slammed into a dump truck in Lyman. (WGME)

LYMAN (WGME) -- A car slammed into a dump truck in Lyman Wednesday morning, sending one person to the hospital.

An LP Murray dump truck was pulled over on Bartlett Bridge Road around 6 a.m. when a car slammed head-on into the rear of it.

“It was parked legally on the side of the road with his hazards on. He was filling out some paper work for the day,” Corporal Doug Cropper, Maine State Police, said.

Troopers say 46-year-old James Webster, of Sanford, lost control of his Ford and slammed into the dump truck, hitting it so hard he broke the truck's axle.

"Once I figured out he hit me I ran over to him. I made sure he was all right,” Kyle Weymouth, dump truck driver, said.

Weymouth says Webster was pinned inside.

"That car was totaled. There was nothing you could do about it,” Weymouth said.

He called 911. Others stopped to help while they waited for first responders.

"We got a report from a nurse who stopped at the scene, saying he got into a coughing fit, he lost control while he was coughing and that's why he swerved,” Cropper said.

Troopers say the Goodwin Mills and Waterboro fire departments used the Jaws of Life to get Webster out.

Bartlett Bridge Road was shut down temporarily. Traffic was directed to one lane.

"He was transported to Maine med with injuries possible to his lower extremity area,” Cropper said.

"I hope he gets better. I hope everything works out for him and hopefully we can get this truck back, hopefully sometime soon and hear back from him at least how he's doing,” Weymouth said.

Troopers say the accident could’ve been much worse and they expect Webster will make a full recovery.

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