Lawmakers get chance to save bills vetoed by Gov. LePage

One of those bills deals with hands-free driving. The bill was voted down in June, even though it was supported by the Maine State Police. Another bill being discussed would potentially raise the smoking age throughout the state to 21. (Thinkstock/MGN)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Lawmakers are expected to take up several bills they passed, but Governor Paul LePage vetoed Tuesday night.

Governor LePage vetoed 25 bills. Updated legislative documents suggest legislators plan to talk about more than half of them Wednesday.

Among those vetoed bills is a bill that would raise the legal age to buy tobacco in Maine to 21.

The governor says upping the age to buy to 21 will create a black market for tobacco products.

Another bill would make it illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving.

The governor says it does not propose an adequate solution. He'd like to see more public awareness about the dangers of using phones while driving.

It also looks like the House will vote on a motion on whether to expel Representative Scott Hamann from the legislature after threats he made on Facebook against President.

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