Couple narrowly escapes their burning Vassalboro home

A home was destroyed after an overnight fire in Vassalboro. (WGME)

VASSALBORO (WGME) -- A Vassalboro couple narrowly escaped their burning home after it caught fire late Wednesday night.

It happened on Main Street just after 11 p.m.

Crews from several different departments worked to put out the flames.

The man who lives there says he and her girlfriend were asleep on the home's second floor when he heard an explosion and then saw flames.

"I heard an explosion and it woke me up but it didn’t wake her up and I looked out the bedroom window, which is in the far right corner, and the flames were up to the window,” Tim Turmelle, escaped fire, said. “The smoke was so intense I had fell down because my lungs were so full of smoke. I’m just thankful that she and I got out of there because I was very, very scared at the time and I know she was."

The couple lost their two cats in the fire, but they were unharmed.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause.

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