State leaders meet with governor amid budget battle

Democrats and republicans are still in the middle of a budget battle. (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Democrats and republicans are still in the middle of a budget battle.

The original goal was to have the deal hashed out by Thursday, but now it looks like lawmakers are still squaring off over the details.

Agreement between parties has been hard to come by in Augusta.

Even on describing the meeting with the governor Friday, which democrats said wasn't helpful.

Governor LePage met with the four legislative leaders at the State House Friday morning.

House Republicans say it ran for more than an hour.

They and House Democrats are battling over education funding in the 2-year budget plan, among other aspects.

A committee of conference met earlier this week, proposing a deadline of noon on Thursday to come up with a budget the legislature could vote on.

After failing to do so, leaders organized a meeting with Governor LePage.

Senate Republican President Michael Thibodeau said it was a good meeting with LePage.

However, disagreement was also found on that front, as House Speaker Sara Gideon said the meeting wasn't helpful.

"I think it was a good discussion,” Thibodeau said. “Obviously a lot of issues that we have very much, stuff that we have heard before. Folks have differences of opinion, but it's always a good to have an opportunity to talk with the chief executive and see what he's thinking."

There are no plans for the committee of conference to meet again Friday night.

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