Suspected mountain lion caught on camera near Maine border

mountain lion.png

(BDN) -- Are there mountain lions in Maine?

There have been frequent reports about mountain lion or cougar sightings in our state, and always they seem to be met with doubt or outright debunking. Waldoboro, Corea, and Ellsworth are some of the places where claims of wild cat wanderings, sometimes accompanied by dubious photographic evidence, have cropped up in recent years.

Now, it seems, there is some fairly compelling (but unconfirmed) video evidence of a cougar sighting near the Maine-New Brunswick border — only it’s on the other side of the border. According to this CBC report, Michele McLaughlin, a resident of Grand Falls, N.B., used her cellphone on Oct. 5 to record the feline walking through a field by her home. McLaughlin posted the video on her Facebook page.

Here’s the video CBC posted on its site:

Based on where McLaughlin says she shot the video, the animal was only two miles from Maine.

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