DIRIGO STORIES: Couple turning 90 weeks apart shows no signs of slowing down

Ed and Gloria Gallant, of Portland, have been married more than 60 years. They work out three times a week, and volunteer four days a week. On Wednesday, their friends at their favorite gym threw them a surprise party (WGME).

PORTLAND (WGME) – It was quite a surprise for a couple finishing up an exercise class at their favorite gym Wednesday morning.

The “Forever Fit” class at Fitness Factory threw a surprise birthday party for Gloria and Ed Gallant, who both turn 90 this year.

“I’m flabbergasted!” Gloria said.

The pair, married more than 60 years, has been working out since 1959. They attend the class at the Portland gym three times a week.

“I wanted them to feel how much we love them coming to class,” said Giana Storey, one of the instructors. “They’re so sweet. They’re so generous. They’re active and healthy, and they make awesome friends.”

The class, made up of seniors, surprised the couple with cupcakes, balloons, and cheers.

“We get up and we come to the gym. Four days a week we volunteer at the school or the soup kitchen,” Gloria said. “We get up with a purpose.”

Gloria turns 90 in a few days. Ed was especially excited to hit the 90-year milestone last month.

“No man in my family has lived past 89. I passed the mark!”

They show no signs of slowing down, even though the couple recently retired as ski instructors.

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