Saving You Money: Facebook group allows thousands of members to swap, sell and buy

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STATEWIDE (WGME) -- For years, yard sales have provided the money-conscious with items they need at a lower cost. Now, instead of heading to people's homes, many are going online.

"It's sort of become a bit of a phenomenon, which is great," says Andrea Parker, the administrator of the Facebook group Southern Maine Ladies Clothing/Household item buy/sell/swap.

For Parker, it started as a simple swap.

"We said, why don't we get together, bring five items that we don't wear anymore and we kind of made it almost like a Yankee Swap where if there were 10 people there, we did 10 playing cards and based on the order, you would get to go and grab what you wanted," says Parker.

After several years, Parker decided to expand the swap to social media.

"I was just thinking about it and I said, you know, we should really throw this out on Facebook because there are so many other people out there who have things they want to get rid of," Parker says.

Her group now has more than 3,500 members - people buying, selling, swapping, even giving away.

"Sometimes people just throw things out there and say, 'Hey, first person to come and get it, it's yours'," says Parker.

There are some ground rules.

"There are a few things we don't allow," says Parker, "We don't allow pets, we don't allow if people are making items, and/or selling direct sales, we don't allow that, it still has to remain a yard sale type page, where you're getting rid of things that you're not using or wearing anymore."

Parker says Facebook provides a much larger audience, boosting your chances of selling and saving.

"It's a big yard sale world out there now," says Parker.

There is some oversight - Parker and another administrator give final approval to every member and post in the group. To check out the Facebook group, click here.

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