Saving You Money: How weatherizing your home can save you hundreds

Weatherizing your home (WGME)

STATEWIDE (WGME) -- The leaves are falling -- and so are the temperatures. Experts say this is the best time to weatherize your home.

"Unfortunately, Maine has the oldest housing stock in the United States and it is also among the leakiest," said Michael Stoddard, Executive Director of Efficiency Maine Trust.

Stoddard says those little cracks and holes allow warm air to creep out.

"We're reheating all the air about once every two hours on average," Stoddard said. "So all the warm air, you spent all that money heating it up, it just vents out of the house gradually, it leaks out."

Stoddard says sealing up those trouble spots is the first step to keeping your home comfortable at a low cost.

"Little home improvement projects that we can all do on the weekend, you can get most of that equipment and material at any hardware store," Stoddard said. "And this is the time of year to do it, when it's dry and it hasn't gotten too cold."

That alone, Stoddard says, could save 5-10% on your heating bill. If you pay $2,000 a year on heat, that's $100-$200 a year in savings. To save even more, Stoddard suggests getting an energy assessment and call in a professional.

"Because the most leaks are coming from places that are in your attic and in the sidewalls that you can't see," Stoddard said.

"There are a lot of ways you can save in your house," says Jon Paradise at the Maine Credit Union League. He adds, investing in weatherization now can save a homeowner big in the long run.

"Long term, it's something that you're never going to regret and even if you sell your house, it will certainly boost its value," Paradise said.

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