Saving You Money: More Americans picking up side jobs


STATEWIDE (WGME) -- According to a new survey, more people are picking up side jobs.

Credit Loan says in 2017, the number of Americans working more than one job reached a 20-year-high, at 7.6 million.

"Side jobs has always been a big area," says David Ciullo, CEO of Career Management Associates but certainly in the last few years we've seen an increase in that."

Ciullo says people often look for a side hustle because their dream job just doesn't pay enough.

"It's great to have passion but you've got to still pay your bills, you've still got to do all those things," says Ciullo.

For people who want a second job but don't know where to start, Ciullo recommends doing a skills inventory.

"It might be you enjoy to drive, well Lyft, Uber, things like that," Ciullo says, "Hey, you might be an accountant and you might want to help a small business with bookkeeping or a nonprofit with bookkeeping."

Ciullo says it's important to look for jobs that make sense in Maine, like plowing in the winter or working in a restaurant in the summer, and make sure there's a serious conversation before you make that decision.

"From a financial standpoint, you should involve professionals in that decision-making process," says Ciullo, "There's tax ramifications, there's ramifications to family life. So you should also get your spouse involved, your partner involved in those types of decisions."

According to an Earnest analysis, 85% of people with side gigs earn less than $500 per month from their extra side work.

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