Bob's Clam Hut to open second location in Portland

Bob's Clam Hut is opening a second location at the corner of Washington and Cumberland Avenues. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A well-known fried seafood spot in Kittery is heading up the coast, opening a second location in Portland.

After serving up clams in Kittery for the last 62 years, Bob's Clam Hut is setting up shop in Maine's largest city at the corner of Cumberland and Washington Avenues.

"It was going to come up for rent and I called and I said, 'this is the spot'," says CEO, or Chief Clammer, Michael Landgarten.

Landgarten bought the business from the original owner, Bob Kraft, 32 years ago.

"So when I took over from Bob I was a kid from Worcester, Mass that was never going to make it," says Landgarten, "that was my title."

Year after year though, Landgarten says business just keeps booming.

"We just keep wanting to do a better and better job and really, really dedicated to having exceptional fried food, which a loot of times those things don't go together," says Landgarten.

Wanting to expand for a while, Landgarten says the time is finally right.

"And this felt like enough of a difference, but also a location that Bob's could be proud of," he says.

Originally a gas station and then a restaurant, this building has gone through a complete transformation inside and out, designed by New York architect Paul Bennett and featuring a mural by artist Maia Snow.

"So it still has a hut feeling," says Landgarten, "It's not fancy, right, it's still rustic, but it's an urban version."

Their mission is the same as it is in Kittery, to offer fresh, quality, local seafood with great service. In addition to their classics are a few new menu items including special sauces and fried lobster tails.

"We've got some opportunities being in Portland where we have access to more fisheries, more options," Landgarten says, "So we expect to be frying bluefish and hake and things that we have fried in Kittery but we don't always have access to."

Landgarten says he's excited for bob's to become part of the community.

"Here we could be part of a revitalizing of neighborhood and that's really exciting," he adds.

It's a move he believes Bob would have been part of.

"I think he was beyond happy and he still is," says Landgarten.

The Portland location will also serve beer and milkshakes. They plan to open soon, but no official date has been set.

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