Five things Mainers can do to your home to save money this winter

Fall is a great time to get your house ready for the cold weather, and these are five things you can do to your home to save money this winter.

Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator Jake Holmes says one investment worth making is upgrading to a smart thermostat.

“Making an investment now can save you in the long run,” Holmes said. “They claim they can save you 12 percent a year on your energy costs and they memorize and they adapt to your heating habits, so they'll see what you do and they adjust around your own schedule.”

Patch up holes and cracks to keep the hot air in.

"So, you lose 30 percent of your heat through these holes and cracks, but a $3 tube of caulking can solve all of this,” Holmes said.

While you're at it, check your fridge to make sure it shuts tight.

"If you have a dollar bill or a piece of paper, try closing that in the refrigerator door, if you can easily pull that dollar bill or paper out, you might have a leaked seal or you need to replace the fridge and you don't want to be trudging that fridge in through two feet of snow this winter,” Holmes said.

Take advantage of your ceiling fan, turning it clockwise instead of counter clockwise prevents hot air from rising.

“Being able to gently push that hot air back down will turn into some real savings,” Holmes said.

And scope out end-of-summer deals to stock up for next year.

“There's a few things that you can buy right now say if you're looking into patio furniture or some lawn decor, fall's a great time for some bargains," Holmes said.

Holmes also says changing air filters and cleaning out your chimney can make a big difference when it comes to heating bills.

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