Little Giant market to become all-day cafe

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    PORTLAND (WGME) -- Little Giant market in Portland is reopening as an all-day cafe.

    Co-owner Andrew Volk says he and his wife love being part of the West End community.

    "There's more and more happening in the past three or four years that is really exciting and worth checking out," says Volk.

    Some of that excitement has been happening at the corner of Clark and Danforth.

    "Myself and my wife and our business partners, we all live in kind of the West End neighborhood, bought the building and renovated it," says Volk, "It was empty for about three years beforehand."

    One side is a restaurant, the other was a market open seven days a week, but soon it will be even more.

    "About six or eight months ago we started talking about how we could make it more comfortable for people to come and hang out in," says Volk, "We're seeing more of a need in this part of town, this neighborhood, for people to sit and hang out and be comfortable, get WiFi, get a good cup of coffee."

    The space has been redesigned to accommodate more visitors.

    "We shut down for two days, kind of took everything off the wall, rehung all the shelves and built out a birch bench that's surprisingly comfortable, really comfortable," Volk says.

    It will feature an all-day cafe with espresso, breakfast, freshly baked goods and sandwiches, along with beer and wine.

    "The bones were here, it's been a great building, a great corner," says Volk, "And we're just kind of putting our twist on things."

    The cafe with the new name Giant will make its official debut this Friday.

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