New plans for former Town Landing building in Bowdoinham

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    BOWDOINHAM (WGME) -- A building that most recently housed the Town Landing restaurant and general store in Bowdoinham has a new owner.

    Scott McIntire owns The Old Goat pub in Richmond and has wanted to open a second pub for years. However, with deal after deal falling through, he'd almost given up hope.

    "I saw on Facebook that this place had closed down and it was for sale," says McIntire, "So I came down and made an offer two days later and we signed a contract three days later."

    He says the spot on Main Street is the perfect place to put in a pub.

    "The location is great for vacationers and people passing through," McIntire says, "And I think what we've done with The Old Goat in Richmond is make that place sort of a signature destination and I'd like to do the same here."

    The building first housed a post office more than 100 years ago. It's rich in history and has great bones.

    "It's got nice ceilings, nice wood, needs a lot of cleaning and work, but great windows," says McIntire.

    He plans to preserve the positives, while giving it that pub feel.

    "I love the exterior of the building so I don't see doing a whole lot there," McIntire says, "Interior, I'm going to open it up a little bit more, modernize, put in a nice modern kitchen."

    He sees a lot of opportunity in the space and in the town.

    "I love Bowdoinham," says McIntire, "It's a great town, really beautiful fields and farms and a nice eclectic group of people. The future of the town's really great, I see a lot of growth coming this way and I'd like to be part of it, I'd like to help that."

    McIntire's goal is to open the new pub in mid-April, but he says that all depends on the availability of contractors.

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