Real Estate Report: Former Falmouth school transformed into senior living


FALMOUTH (WGME) -- A former school in Falmouth is transformed into affordable, independent senior apartments.

Walking through the halls of Plummer Senior Living you'll find reminders of senior year.

"Boys' and girls' rooms and ultimately chalkboards, framing, rails, all the different elements that made up the building," says Chris Wasileski, Development Manager at OceanView at Falmouth

Built in the 1930s, the Plummer School first served as Falmouth's high school and ultimately as an elementary school before closing.

"Even the lighting fixtures that are made up to replicate schoolhouse style lighting fixtures," Wasileski says.

Wasileski says the project for people 55 and older has been years in the making.

"It serves maybe a narrower group of seniors that might have been neglected in the past in between subsidized affordable models, like maybe Blackstone from Avesta housing and our market rate product at OceanView," Wasileski says.

There are 34 units ranging from studios to 2-bedrooms. Rents will run from around $1,225 to $2,455 a month.

"We're working with the town council currently on an affordable housing TIF that would potentially lower some rents and make them more affordable within the project," Wasileski says.

Residents can choose from clean and modern units, to one-of-a-kind apartments featuring large windows and a lot of character. One room has an old stage.

"The old stage was preserved and we added a balcony rail in order to meat current code and safety standards," Wasileski says, "And you can see the outline in the flooring which is a nod to where the stage used to come out to."

Wasileski says residents at Plummer Senior Living will have plenty to do. The old gym is now a community center, there's an activity center next door, there are walking trails, and the OceanView at Falmouth retirement community is right nearby.

"We see our residents also collaborating with residents of OceanView ultimately," Wasileski says, "Going to OceanView events, interacting with our residents in our independent living and assisted living communities and being really a part of our community, not apart from it so to speak."

A grand opening for Plummer Senior Living is expected sometime later this month.

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