Real Estate Report: Former York Co. Jail available for rent, purchase

The former York Co. Jail is hard to miss off busy route 111 in Alfred. (WGME)

ALFRED (WGME) -- A former Maine jail could be yours.

The old York County Jail in Alfred is on the market, available for purchase or for rent. The property owner is looking for the right buyer or business to occupy the building.

It's hard to miss off busy Route 111 in Alfred, the brick building with 'for sale' and 'for rent' signs. The 1869 property that once housed alleged criminals, is now empty.

"I thought it was beautiful, I liked everything about it," says owner Michael Kaplan.

Kaplan saw great potential when he bought the building in 2000 and 17 years later, he still does.

"It's a great building, we just need somebody who wants to call it home," Kaplan says.

Tenants have come and gone and parts of the building are rent-ready, with wood floors and exposed brick. Kaplan says other rooms can be renovated to a renter's preference.

"You don't want to put a bathroom in some place and then have somebody come and want it somewhere else," Kaplan says, "The tenant is what drives the building, it makes the building."

The cell area is where creativity and imagination come in. Massive windows with granite sills provide a lot of natural light.

"So you could knock this out, re-floor it, put like a half moon with a railing and then each floor would have all the light from both sides," Kaplan says.

He believes there are countless possibilities with this property, from a modern office space, to a brewery or restaurant with an unusual backstory. He just wants it to be put to good use.

"What we really want it somebody to come in here and be successful," Kaplan says, "Whether we rent it or whether we sell it, we just don't want it empty. It doesn't make sense to have it empty, it's not good for us, it's not good for the building, it's not good for the town."

The property is listed at $250,000 for the 14,000-square-foot building and three acres of land. The renovated rooms can be rented for $600 a month.

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