Real Estate Report: Greenbelt bridge

The proposed bridge in South Portland

SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- Picture it, you're running your favorite trail, and come to a busy intersection, and boom, the workout stops.

Now there's a project that could reduce the wait, and transform the look of one section of South Portland at the same time.

On any given day, at least 20,000 vehicles pass through this South Portland intersection.

It's an intersection that also cuts right through the Greenbelt, part of a trail that stretches from Maine to Florida.

You'll often bicyclists, and walkers, waiting, and waiting.

Planning and development director Tex Haeuser says there's an idea to cut down on the wait.

A pedestrian bridge.

"It would make it easier and safer for the many people who use the Greenbelt walk way," Haeuser said.

It's also designed to create a sense of place at Mill Creek, which is set to go through its own transformation.

Haeuser says the city is gauging interest.

"Now we want to go out and see if there is any enthusiasm for it, sort of test the waters and see what we might be able to make happen here," Haeuser said.

Haeuser believes the project would cost around $2 million.

They're currently seeking grants to make it happen.

It all goes as planned the bridge could happen in about five years.

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