Real Estate Report: Home automation growing in popularity

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PORTSMOUTH (WGME) -- With the world pretty much at our fingertips these days, home automation is growing in popularity.

From locks to lights, living is easy inside Tom and Tara Meissner's Portsmouth home.

"You sort of forget how seamless it is and it's just part of your everyday convenience," Tom Meissner says.

When they started designing the space, Tom became interested in home automation. He met with Glen Ervey at DC Home Systems and learned about even more opportunities that would work in their home.

"Most folks are aware of music and motorized shades but Tom really didn't, didn't know about lighting control, electronic door locks," Ervey says.

"So it was working with Glen that we eventually came to all the automation we have here," Tom adds.

That includes TVs that turn into art. Each feature has a specific purpose. Less than a year after moving in, the Meissners appreciate it more than they could have imagined.

"If we're leaving in the morning to go to work we can push one button and every light in the place will shut off and all the shades will drop," Tom says.

"Sometimes you don't know if you locked the door or not and you can look on your phone and look at the Crestron app and say 'oh, okay, no, I didn't lock the door', click," adds Tara. "Or when you need to let people in you don't need to have the key or give them the key, you can do it remotely ."

All of the controls are in one place, which adds to the convenience.

"Companies like ours are skilled at combining all that into one app and one user experience," says owner of DC Home Systems Nick Mark, "So that you can control everything in one spot."

Nick Mark says he sees this industry growing even more, especially when it comes to voice services like Amazon's Alexa.

"Right now the Alexa products and things you have to say a specific string versus in the future, you're going to be able to just talk at it and it'll parse out the words and figure out what to do," he says.

The Meissners are so glad they made the investment and expect other homeowners will too.

"I definitely see this as being, you know, the way people do things in the future more and more, " Tara says.

To learn more about DC Home Systems, click here.

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