Real Estate Report: Maine-based group investigates haunted buildings, homes

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PORTLAND (WGME) -- A lot of people tour haunted houses around Halloween, but there's one Maine-based group that does it year-round.

On an ominous October day, Chris Sanders and his crew are inside seeking out spirits.

The "It's Haunted Crew" hosts group tours in haunted buildings and travels the country investigating possible paranormal activity.

"We go to homes that people are scared, they don't want to go back home 'cause they hear things in their house, creaking, laughing, children," Sanders says.

Their work has taken them everywhere from New Orleans and New York to the Maine Irish Heritage Center in Portland.

"We detect the levels of magnetic field, which they say spirits manifest themselves in," Sanders says.

The 12-person group has investigated the property about a dozen times.

"We actually saw somebody kind of lean out with like a half figure," Sanders says, "Like an arm, shoulder and head, learning over the pillar a little bit."

Exploring different rooms and having different experiences each time.

"There are definitely spirits in here I believe," says Matthew Barker, a genealogist and historian at the Maine Irish Heritage Center. He and Sanders think one spirit making his presence known is a former janitor named Tom.

"Oh, there he is, see, Tom, each and every time," Sanders says.

Barker says it's not scary, but a reflection of the building's rich history.

"I think everybody that comes in, they feel a good feeling in here, a good presence because of all the history and all the families," Barker says.

Sanders says he knows there are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to spirits and ghosts. He says it's all about keeping an open mind and encourages them to take a tour with his group.

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