Site of popular Portland pizza shop to become Monte's Fine Foods

    Monte's Fine Foods

    PORTLAND (WGME) -- A Portland building that was most recently a popular pizza shop has a new owner.

    Steve Quattrucci has a strong connection to the former Pizza by Angelone building on Washington Avenue, which was originally a gas station built in 1960.

    "My grandfather was friends with Jack Angelone," Quattrucci says, "And as a kid growing up in Portland, I used to come here with my grandfather, this was the first pizza that I ever had."

    Quattrucci's family has strong ties to the food industry, starting with his grandparents who had a restaurant.

    "Then my dad was a grocer, had Quattrucci's Hilltop Market in the 70s and 80s," he says, "And I of course ended up in the food business too, I was a restaurateur, I owned a restaurant in town and another market."

    Now Quattrucci is carrying on the tradition with Monte's Fine Foods, named after the grandfather who took him to Angelone's. The neighborhood market will feature imported specialties, local food products and Roman pizza.

    "We're doing something called a Pinsa," says Quattrucci, "The Pinsa is an ancient Roman flatbread that's a multigrain bread that was served in the taverns around Rome, ancient Rome."

    The new food comes with a new look for the building. Right now work is underway on renovations and a 2,3000-square-foot kitchen.

    "We'll have a bakery, we'll be doing desserts and other breads," Quattrucci says, adding there will be plenty of vegan options as well. "It's about just bringing good food to the neighborhood and for our takeout, really delivering what we're calling slow food fast."

    Quattrucci feels this is the perfect place for Monte's Fine Foods and commercial real estate broker Jed Rathband agrees.

    "They had pretty much determined that they wanted to be off-peninsula," says Rathband, "And when this came up and started to fit the criteria, we jumped at it."

    This is just one example of the growth Rathband says he's seen in the area.

    "In the last two years alone there's been over 350 sales of residential units in that neighborhood," says Rathband, "That's a tremendous number of new people and those people are looking for newer and better amenities."

    Quattrucci can't wait to be part of the neighborhood and hopes fans of Angelone's will become fans of Monte's.

    "If we do half as long a run as them, we'll be doing well," he says.

    Monte's Fine Foods is set to open in June.

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