Restaurant Report 100: Local 188 goes from fail to perfection, Kamasouptra gets 100

    PORTLAND (WGME) - - Huge windows make it easy for everyone to get a peek inside Local 188. One customer says, "the atmosphere is like no other that I've been to."

    It's what the naked eye didn't see on the day a health inspector stopped in that caused staff to fail a November inspection.

    The inspector noted "both walk-in coolers have mold growing on the walls, fans, and shelves." plus, "equipment food contact surfaces and utensils are not clean to sight and touch, a repeat violation."

    Staff was able to really turn things around the following month. When the inspector returned they noted "all violations have been corrected."

    CBS13 reached out to management, owner Jay Villani said, "It's nice to have a relationship with our health inspector. The bottom line is we both want the same thing, a safe environment at all of our restaurants for our clientele."

    The Panda Garden on Brighton Ave is becoming a regular on Restaurant Report, failing four health inspections in the last two years.

    Most recently, in November, inspectors found "raw chicken stored above raw beef and ready-to eat foods" plus "several bottles of pain reliever and ointment is stored above food contact/food prep surfaces."

    CBS13 has stopped in and called but management declines commenting. A follow up inspection shows all violations have been corrected.

    On the second floor of the Public Market House you'll find 2016's first Gold Plate Award Winner, Kamasouptra.

    Co-Owner and Chef Drew Kinney says having a smaller shop makes it easier to keep things clean.

    "There's less room to cover and less places to put rubbish," said Kinney.

    Health Inspectors didn't find any problems during a November inspection, making Kamasouptra this weeks Gold Plate Award Winner.

    Kinney said, "People are going to eat what we're serving them so we don't want any filth laying around."

    If you can't decide which delicious soup to get, don't worry, Drew and his crew will pour you a taste of them all.

    "We want to make sure people get what they want," said Kinney.

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