Restaurant Report 102: Misleading menu, two fails, and a Gold


    The Lotus Garden in Naples only serves take out but it's so popular it's hard to find a spot to park when picking up food. In October, Health Inspectors Stopped in and failed the Chinese Restaurant citing "no soap at either hand sink," "food stored on the floor" and "the floors are not clean."

    Plus the inspector found "food presented for consumption not honestly presented" specifically "shrimp with lobster sauce does not contain any lobster."

    Two months later the inspector returned and again found no lobster in the lobster sauce. So what exactly is in it? According to the Health Inspector, "the sauce is made from pork not lobster."

    The inspector told owners to change the menu, but when CBS13 stopped in last week we found "shrimp in lobster sauce" still being advertised on menus hung inside and on take out menus.

    CBS13 spoke with the owner briefly, he told us to call him the following afternoon and he would answer all our questions. We tried reaching him several times but never got a call back.

    You can dine in or take out at Wing Lee in Portland. In October the Health Inspector failed the restaurant noting "raw chicken and raw beef stored above ready to eat foods" and "mold is beginning to form."

    It was a similar story at Wing Lee's Scarborough location the following month. The inspector failed the restaurant noting "the physical facilities are not clean" plus the reach-in and walk-in coolers were "not maintained at 41 degrees F or less."

    Owner Mei Mei told CBS13, "We got a repair man to come fix the cooler and we fixed the core issues at both restaurants. The inspector came back and we passed."

    The follow up inspections prove it, both locations passed.

    This week's Gold Plate Winner is Ramen Suzukiya, where customers get a front row seat to watch Chef Peter Smith make homemade ramen noodles.

    Kei Suzuki owns the restaurant, he opened it as a partnership with his son, who's a local farmer.

    "That's kind of my dream, working with my son," said Suzuki.

    The dream is becoming a picture perfect reality. Suzuki's crew got a perfect score on their October 20th Health Inspection.

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