RESTAURANT REPORT 91: Violations after customer complains, poisionous materials, and sinfully delicious treats for everyone

Portland & Lewiston (WGME) - - A health inspector visited Espos Trattoria after a customer filed a complaint, saying they "had stomach pains and vomiting". No food borne illnesses were found, but inspectors failed the family owned restaurant for several other violations. Citations included "No hand sink in the kitchen, chlorine sanitizer was too weak, and the food slicer was dirty". When the inspector returned two weeks later, all problems had been resolved.

Jade Garden in Lewiston offers a variety of Chinese meals. A health inspector had suggestions for restaurant staff, after failing an inspection. The report shows "poisonous or toxic materials had been improperly used". A follow up inspection shows only two minor problems and an employee told CBS 13, "everything has been taken care of".

In Portland, if the name "The Sinful Kitchen" doesn't entice you, maybe a peanut butter cup waffle will do the trick.

Chef and Owner Dave Mallari said, "People are so excited to have a waffle, especially something so sinful, so to speak".

Mallari knows what life is like without being able to easily indulge. He has celiac disease and used to drive three hours away to get gluten-free pancakes. Opening kitchen doors this year, was his way of bringing guilty pleasures closer to gluten free eaters. That means having to be extra careful in order to avoid cross contamination. A health inspector stopped by and found the restaurant in perfect shape, making "The Sinful Kitchen" this weeks CBS 13 Gold Plate.

Mallari said, "It feels great".

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