Restaurant Report 97: Pizza with a side of mold & slime

Pat's Pizza owner Chris Tyll says with the sizzling food scene in Portland his Market Street location excels by filling up customers and pizza boxes with comfort food.
But earlier this year, a health inspector stopped in for a surprise inspection and failed the popular pizzeria.
The inspectors report said, "Beer walk-in cooler has mold growing on the ceiling, walls, and fan. The food slicer and can opener have dried food and grime on them and the ice machine is beginning to grow slime."
Tyll says some problems were fixed in minutes and others took some more time but Pat's passed a follow up inspection.

Around the corner on Fore Street, there is a new gold plate winner in town. Chef Matt Ginn says "Evo" is focused on associating with local farms.
Ginn says 80% of his produce is grown in Maine. It's a method with proven success, an inspector gave Evo a perfect score on an August inspection.

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