Restaurant Report: Fly infested bar and pizza served on gold plate

    O'Dans Restaurant (WGME)

    SEBAGO/PORTLAND (WGME) -- A serious pest problem and kitchen dripping with grease causes a neighborhood spot on Sebago Lake to fail twice

    O'Dans Restaurant calls themselves a "Farm to fork" bar and grill. Reviewers like the concept calling them "Amazing. My new local (no pun intended) favorite!"

    But after a complaint health inspectors found a lot more than they bargained for citing them with seven critical violations. The report said "Pests found on premises" including "Numerous flies." The report read on, "bags of food open and on the floor - flies observed in and on bags."

    A few weeks later inspectors returned but once again failed O'Dans finding many of the previous violations weren't fixed. Inspectors said they once again found flies but may have found a cause saying "The garbage is being left uncovered in the back of a pick-up truck. It needs to be in a covered container. It is contributing to the fly population"

    The next week inspectors followed up again still finding a number of violations but not enough for a fail, passing them this time around. When we stopped by O'Dans the owner told us he would call us the next day to explain everything, we've yet to receive that call.

    Now to this week's award winner. Slice after slice the Old Port Slice Bar tosses, sauces and boxes New York style pizza.

    "It's all about consistency with our pizza," Nick Levasseur said. "That's what keeps the customers coming back."

    Health inspectors didn't have to come back though, finding not one violation during their latest report.

    "We go through it very thoroughly and once a week we do a very deep clean," Levasseur said. "We also have managers on duty every day and night that come in and make sure everything is up to par."

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