Restaurant Report: Saeng Thai House fails inspection, Gilbert's Chowder House wows

Saeng Thai House

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Customers may love Saeng Thai House in Portland, with reviews like, "Great food," and "delicious and affordable."

But the restaurant didn't impress a health inspector during a regular surprise inspection.

Among the 14 health code violations, including 8 considered critical, the inspector says he found, a dead mouse in the basement next to a trap, food employees handling ready to eat food with bare hands and, the inspector says, raw chicken stored above ready to eat food, a serious risk for cross contamination.

The restaurant failed inspection, prompting a follow-up.

It missed the mark, and failed again, this time with 8 violations.

Again, a cross contamination issue, and dish utensils weren't getting sanitized.

Plus, the inspector says the physical facilities aren't clean.

The city of Portland website shows that's now the fourth time in two years the restaurant failed inspection.

CBS 13 reached out to the restaurant for comment. No one returned the call.

When the inspector came back again, you can see, he noted all violations from the failed inspection were corrected.

Now to the gold plate award for an exceptional inspection.

When a health inspector stopped by Gilbert's Chowder House on Commercial Street in Portland, it was a rave review.

The restaurant specializes in, chowder of course.

They also have a knack for keeping things clean.

You can see for yourself.

The inspector writes, "No violations noted during this inspection."

For that, Gilbert's Chowder House earns this week's gold plate award.

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