Restaurant Report: The Irish pub that's facing tougher scrutiny

    Driving to the lakes region you can't miss the Black Bear Cafe on Route 302.
    The owner is Irish, but the luck of the Irish seems to be running out, after failing three health inspections this year.

    In the cafe's first inspection of the year, the inspector says "9 dead mice (were) found in food storage area," and "numerous droppings and food was eaten into," the inspector notes there was also "mold throughout the walk-in."

    Owners were ordered to close, due to an immediate health hazard.
    The next day, the inspector returned and the Black Bear failed again.
    This time the inspector notes, "the entire upstairs has been contaminated with rodents".

    It took six days for staff to get the go ahead to open again.

    Then, just last month, another surprise inspection led to another failure.

    The inspector writes "salads being prepped with bare hands" and "the cutting board not clean."
    Both problems were corrected on the spot.

    CBS 13 called to get answers. Management never called back.
    A follow up inspection was done this month, as you can see the Bear passed, but inspectors still cited a number of violations.
    The pub is now on a quarterly inspection list - rather than a yearly.

    Now to the gold plate award - for an exceptional inspection.
    "Isa" brings a slice of NYC to Portland.
    Suzie St. Pierre and her husband and chef Isaoul say spending years working in kitchens in the empire state helps them succeed here in vacationland.

    St. Pierre says, "the health inspections down there are much more strict so we try to uphold those standards here."
    Clearly it's working - the bistro got a perfect score on an inspection last month - making Isa this weeks gold plate award winner.

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