Thank-A-Vet: Brandon Hinckley

Today we honor Brandon Hinckley.

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Now to thank an American hero in this week's Thank-A-Vet segment.

Today we honor Brandon Hinckley.

His wife Amanda sent us this photo of him as he gets ready to fly in a military aircraft.

She tells us Brandon served 4 years in active duty in the Air Force, and is currently enlisted in the Maine Air National Guard.

Amanda says he is a caring father, and she would like to thank him for his selflessness, bravery, and his willingness to go above and beyond in all aspects of life

Everyone here at CBS 13 would like to thank Brandon Hinckley for his service.

To have us honor your American hero, send us their picture, tell us who they are, when they served, and why they are so important in your life.

Send that information to our WGME Facebook page.

Keep watching us here at 7 to see your American hero honored on CBS 13.

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