Thank-A-Vet: Corporal Francis Sargent

This is Corporal Francis Sargent. (Contributed Photo)

PORTLAND (WGME) – It’s time to honor an American hero in our Thank-A-Vet segment.

This is Corporal Francis Sargent.

His daughter Michelle tells us he served 20 years in the National Guard, and volunteered to help during "Desert Storm."

Sargent is a father of three girls, and a grandfather of seven.

In this picture, Michelle says her father is with his only great-grandson Jackson.

His second grandson will arrive in the coming month.

Congratulations to Corporal Sargent.

To have us honor a Maine veteran, send us a photo, tell us who they are, when they served, and why they are so important in your life.

Send that information to our WGME Facebook page.

Keep watching us here at 7 to see your American hero honored on CBS 13.

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