Thank-A-Vet: Staff Sargeant Mike Paquette

    This is Staff Sargeant Mike Paquette. (Alicia Paquette)

    PORTLAND (WGME) – It's time to honor an American hero in this week's Thank-A-Vet segment.

    This is Staff Sargeant Mike Paquette.

    This photo of him was sent to us by Alicia Paquette.

    She says Mike served in two tours of duty in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    He is loved by his wife and three daughters.

    To have us honor your American hero, log on to our WGME Facebook page, send us their picture, tell us who they are, when they served, and why they are so important in your life.

    Then keep watching us here at 7 to see your American hero honored on CBS 13.

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