CMP acknowledges backlog of bills, working to fix by end of April


    AUGUSTA (WGME) - In a letter to the Public Utilities Commission, the president of Central Maine Power said the company is on track to clear the billing backlog for existing and new customers by the end of April.

    The details were included in a response to a letter, sent earlier this month, from the PUC's Consumer Assistance and Safety Division , which raised concerns about multiple issues related to billing and customer service.

    "As of today, 99% of CMP's customers are receiving timely and accurate bills, and the number of new and existing customers who have not received a bill has declined significantly," CMP president Doug Herling said.

    Herling acknowledged that 4,491 customers are still experiencing a delay in being billed.

    He said any new billing system, like the one CMP rolled out in October, results in a higher number of bills not sent on time in order to make sure they're accurate before going out.

    He also attributed the billing backlog to "significantly more new services requests than expected, in both 2017 and 2018."

    Herling said they're working to clear the backlog by hiring more workers and outside contractors.

    Herling also addressed the PUC's questions about the company's response to customer complaints.

    CMP has closed 3,089 complaints and is still trying to get in touch with 131 customers, according to Herling.

    Herling reported 1,119 complaints were closed because the company attempted to get in contact with the customer three times but the customer did not respond.

    "CMP does not know the reasons a particular customer does not respond and is open to further guidance or suggestions from the CASD on how to reach each and every customer," Herling wrote.

    During the past 12 months the I-Team has asked multiple times to speak with Herling on camera, but that request has not been granted.

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