Exclusive: Convicted murderer talks about deal with state, release from prison

Tony Sanborn struck a deal with the state in November on his 1992 murder conviction

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A man convicted in a 1989 Portland murder sits down for an in-depth interview about the deal that set him free.

Tony Sanborn is out of prison and starting a new life.

Since the crime in 1989, Sanborn has always said he didn't murder Jessica Briggs.

He's been free since November when he suddenly took a deal wit the state.

The deal let him out with time served, but he's still a convicted murderer.

Why did Sanborn accept the offer from the state?

Sanborn says justice wasn't served.

Office of Attorney General, Criminal Division: Mr. Sanborn ended his challenge to his conviction without taking the stand and without being cross-examined. The State had not begun presenting evidence that would have contradicted Sanborn’s claims of innocence. Justice was served by Sanborn withdrawing all of his original claims of impropriety. Mr. Sanborn accepted the same plea bargain that the State offered prior to the hearing. The sentence he received is consistent with recent Supreme Court case law regarding sentences for juveniles.

Sanborn and his wife Michelle talk about life after prison.

Sanborn and his wife Michelle talk about their life now and future together

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