I-Team: Maine veteran buried with incorrect grave marker

Grave marker displays veteran's wrong dates of birth and death (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Grieving loved ones of a Maine veteran are fighting to get his grave marker changed and reached out to CBS 13 for help.

More than 10,000 veterans are buried at the Maine Veterans' Cemetery off Civic Center Dr. in Augusta.

It's a place to remember and honor those who served our country, but family and friends of William Ralph Kincaid say it's too upsetting to visit because of a mistake they can't get fixed.

It took a while before Donna Blake could even go to the place where her boyfriend of more than two decades is buried.

Kincaid died on June 26, 2016, but his grave marker at the cemetery says otherwise -- it says he died June 16.

"I was very upset. It's really sad. It's hard enough for me to come here and just be here, and to have it all wrong everytime I come it's just not right," Blake said.

His birthday on the stone is wrong, too -- also off by 10 days.

"Bill was very proud of serving in the Army. He'd have a fit if he was alive and they did that. He would have a fit," Blake said.

She said Kincaid was always very meticulous and detail oriented with his clothes and gardening. He even worked at the cemetery where he's buried.

She wants this grave marker changed.

"Over a year later that's not a mistake that's just overlooking it," Blake said.

We went to the Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services, which oversees the cemetery, for answers.

Superintendent Scott Brown told us the stones are provided by a federal government contractor.

"I'm not sure how this one happened. What we inputted was correct; I confirmed that through our paperwork," Brown said.

Brown said he's sorry this mistake happened and promised to get it fixed.

"That would be so great -- it really would be," Blake said.

Brown told CBS 13 Friday that they've now ordered a new grave marker and the old one should be replaced in about 6-8 weeks.

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