Non-profit: Maine leads country in school threats per capita

Maine is leading the country with the most school threats per capita. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – Maine is leading the country with the most school threats per capita.

That's according to a non-profit school safety group.

The Department of Education is required by law to submit a report every year to the legislature's education committee about threats in the state's schools.

Friday, CBS 13 talked with the clerk of the committee, the committee's legal analyst, and several members, and they all say they've never received that report.

State Senator Rebecca Millett says she's passionate about her work on the state's Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs.

Friday, we showed her the section of Maine law requiring the Department of Education to tell her committee about the nature, frequency, and impact of school bomb threats.

A spokesperson for the DOE told CBS 13 during this school year, they've received 12 reports of a bomb threat on school grounds.

When we asked if the DOE tracks other threats of violence and if a report is submitted to the legislature as required by law, she told us "I will have to get back to you next week with the answers to your questions."

But an Ohio based non-profit has a database of its own, tracking media reports of threats at schools across the country.

Last year, she says, Maine was 29th on the state ranked list.

She adds in Maine, we've already had at least 20 threats this school year, that's twice the number of threats than all of last school year.

All information State Senator Millett says would be helpful.

“All data is useful as a legislator, that's what we should be basing or decision on, clearly if we saw spikes in number of bomb threats, or consequences involved; resources to address it; give us a sense of direction,” Millett said.

Last September, CBS 13 asked the Department of Education for data about weapons incidents on school grounds.

They told us they'd have it for us after Thanksgiving.

We're still waiting for that information, and Friday were told it's still being vetted for accuracy and is not ready to be released to the public.

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