Cold temperatures pose threat to pipes


PORTLAND (WGME) -- Dangerously low temperatures like the ones we're expecting this weekend can cause your pipes to freeze.

CBS 13 spoke with plumbers who already dealt with a number of freezing pipes Friday. With colder weather coming they're actually expecting to get called to a lot more homes this weekend.

Fixing frozen pipes can cost anywhere from $300 or more. The quicker you call a plumber, the faster the pipes can be thawed, and the less money you have to spend. There are also some free preventative measures you can take, starting now, to keep your pipes working.

"Could leave water running a little bit especially if you have had issues in past," Jesse Coffin, of Richard P. Waltz Plumbing & Heating, said. "As far as heat goes, leave it up a little bit and if you had a recent oil delivery, keep in mind could stir up things in bottom."

Of course if your pipes freeze, that could leave you without working heat.
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