Community mourns death of beloved student

Many say they are still shocked by the news. (WGME)

RYE, NH (WGME) – Just one day after learning about his tragic death, the community of Rye, New Hampshire is mourning the death of David Kohlhase.

Kohlhase died Wednesday in a late night tubing accident.

Friends say Kohlhase was not just an exceptional kid, but an exceptional fisherman. People around the area say he loved to take his boat out and hunt for tuna.

That love wasn't lost on his classmates, who came out to place flowers in the back of the boat his father and he would go fishing on. Fellow fisherman say that David was always around to lend a helping hand to those who needed it, and that he was extremely adventurous. Classmates say he was the kindest person you could meet, and that they wore black in honor of him Thursday at school.

The love for tuna hunting was an entire family experience. Friends say both David and his father loved to go out, and that David's mother operated a small food shack on the Rye Harbor to feed all the fisherman. Many saying they are still shocked by the news.

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