Fire destroys home in Sebago

Fire in Sebago (WGME)

SEBAGO (WGME) -- A Sebago home was destroyed in an early morning house fire.

Firefighters say it started around 3:30 a.m. on Folly Road.

They say a woman came home, smelled smoke, and woke up her husband.

The couple traced the smell to what appeared to be a small fire under the refrigerator, but when crews arrived, they discovered it was an electrical fire under the entire house.

"This is a ranch modular sitting on a slab, so we are theorizing that somewhere under the underside it started, got the underside of the house, quickly traveled up the walls and was going through the roof when we arrived,” Sebago Deputy Fire Chief Alan Greene said.

Firefighters say they had to call a second alarm because they did not have enough trained people who could go inside the home.

The Sebago Fire Department says the couple made it out safely as did their pets.

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