Dangerous, deadly weekend for snowmobilers in Maine

    It was a dangerous and deadly weekend for two groups of snowmobilers in Maine. (WGME)

    PORTLAND (WGME) – It was a dangerous and deadly weekend for two groups of snowmobilers in Maine.

    Two men fell through the ice on Sebec Lake Friday night, and on Saturday, a snowmobile crash killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

    Game wardens say 30-year-old Elizabeth Abelson was snowmobiling Saturday with her husband near Bethel when she lost control.

    They say she was wearing a helmet when she was thrown off her snowmobile into some trees.

    Doctors later pronounced her and her unborn child dead at a local hospital.

    Wardens say the baby was due early next month.

    "I don't know in my career as being a spokesperson that we've dealt with a situation quite like that,” Cpl. John MacDonald said. “It's very tragic."

    Game wardens say on Friday night, four snowmobilers came face to face with another dangerous combination, open water on a lake they weren't familiar with.

    Two of them fell through thin ice, they both managed to get out of the water but were stranded on the ice.

    Wardens rescued them, and a third man, in a canoe.

    The fourth man drove his snowmobile to an unheated camp where he was found two hours later hypothermic and unable to walk.

    "Those four guys are really lucky to be alive,” MacDonald said. “With the temperatures, the water depth, the distance from land. Especially the person we found in the camp. Had we not found him, within another hour or two he probably would have died."

    One of the two men who fell through the ice and into the lake said he didn't want to go on camera, but says all four of them are OK. As for his snowmobiles, he says those are still at the bottom of the lake.

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