Friends, family 'broken up' after body of Ellsworth man found in the snow

A body was found in the snow after last week's blizzard. (WGME)

ELLSWORTH (WGME) -- A body was found Friday in the snow after last week's blizzard.

Richard Turnbull spotted Paul Bouffard's car in a snowbank at 2:30 a.m. after last week's blizzard as he plowed the road.

Police say he saw footprints, but didn't see anybody.

Police say Bouffard's car got stuck in the snow.

They suspect he tried to make it down a hill, about 150 yards to his father's house, when he likely became disoriented in the whiteout and below freezing temperatures.

"He made it down the bottom of the hill to where that clump of trees are," Turnbull said.

Hypothermia can cause people to become disoriented, leading to what's known as paradoxical disrobing, where the brain interprets the death of nerve endings as heat.

Police say Bouffard only had to drive a mile and a half to his dad's house.

Bouffard's sister says he was found about 100 yards from their dad's home.

"I don't think anybody will know what went through the young man's mind,” Turnball said. “It was a tragic, tragic accident. And we're all broken up about it."

Police believe he died of exposure before he could make it.

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