Governor-elect Janet Mills’ family, town celebrates her historic win

Janet Mills' family (Contributed)

FARMINGTON (WGME) -- Maine Governor-elect Janet Mills, a Democrat, returned to her hometown of Farmington on Wednesday after her victory.

She won more than 50 percent of the vote in both Maine districts, beating Republican businessman Shawn Moody.

Mills says she won by more than 300,000 votes, saying it's a record in Maine and proof that Mainers want to move in a new direction.

As people in Farmington celebrate Mills' success, many of them say it’s a victory for the well-known family too.

The Mills family have been living in Farmington since the 1800s.

Paul Mills has a wall full family photographs in his office in Farmington.

He's got snapshots and stories to share about his sister, Governor-elect Mills.

"She never held, never sought class office when she was in school, for example. She wasn't a class politician,” Paul said.

The Mills family has been a part of the Farmington story book for decades.

There are lawyers, farmers, and doctors in the family.

Janet’s success, is the latest chapter.

"She has broken the glass ceiling,” Paul said.

Ask anyone in town, they all know a Mills.

"We were pulling up some old linoleum and there were articles about Peter, which is Janet’s father and Paul’s father, and stories about him when he was younger. I mean, they've been around for a very long time,” Cindy Gelinas said.

Inside the Homestead Kitchen, Bar and Bakery, Rebecca Elose says she has served a few family members.

"Paul's dad was a lawyer in town and helped a whole lot of people. The whole family has really helped a lot of people in the area,” Elose said.

Employees in Farmington are proud of Janet and are excited to see the town getting some well-deserved attention.

"It's amazing that she's from Farmington and you know she's like a celebrity for us almost and is a girl, the first female governor. That's amazing,” Elose said.

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