Governor LePage talks politics at annual Lincoln Day breakfast

    OLD ORCHARD BEACH (WGME) -- Saturday morning Governor Paul LePage was greeted by residents of Old Orchard Beach and nearby towns at the 7th annual Lincoln Day breakfast.

    Attendee Wesley Hurst told CBS 13, "It's important to get the people together and make them understand that we need to stand together and try to help the country."

    Governor LePage told the crowd he had a very important message for them. That message centered around his frustration with the House and the democrats. LePage said, "In the House right now, the House speaker and the democrats in the House are holding the state of Maine, the citizens of Maine, hostage."

    LePage said one of his biggest concerns right now is passing his bill on tax conformity. He said the House added an amendment to the bill he doesn't agree with; he's now threatening to veto it.

    "They will not pass tax conformity without a deal, they want something for it," said LePage.

    The sponsor of the amendment, Representative Ryan Tipping-Spitz, said his amendment provides an additional $23 million for public education. Tipping-Spitz said without the amendment, that money would be given to big corporations in the form of a tax credit.

    "This is not mom-and-pop stores, this is not paupers and carpenters, this is large out-of-state companies. We think that there's evidence that this is not a very effective use of our money," said Tipping-Spitz.

    The representative made it clear the majority of the house, both democrats and republicans, are not against tax conformity. Still, the Governor said if the bill stays as is, he will veto it. Tipping-Spitz said he hopes it doesn't come to that.

    CLICK HERE to Governor LePage's entire speech.

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