Governor Mills delivers the State of the Budget Address

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    AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Governor Janet Mills delivered her State of the Budget Address to a joint session of the Maine house and senate on Monday.

    "This is economic development on a large scale. Oh, and it is the law," Governor Janet Mills said.

    Governor Mills' budget proposal hit several different points like healthcare and teacher wages.

    Republican leaders question if it will be sustainable.

    “Today we take account of the past and plan for a new and better future,” Governor Mills said.

    On Monday Governor Janet Mills presented her $8 billion budget proposal. Up at the top of her to-do list is expanding Mainecare to those who need it most.

    “They will never again face the choice between medical care and a bankruptcy,” the governor said.

    Mills also talked about the opioid crisis, bringing minimum teacher salaries up to $40 thousand per year, and hiring more nurses.

    Republican party leaders question the size of the budget which represents about an 11% increase over the current budget. They question whether she can stick to her promise to not raise taxes.

    “I question whether Mainer taxpayers are really going to be held without any increases in taxes,” Senate Majority Leader, Dana Dow said.

    Republican leaders say they are ready to dive into the budget and see if its sustainable.

    “A lot of time between now and June when we have to get this thing passed. I hope we will be able to continue to have a strong voice in the negotiation process,” Assistant House Majority Leader, Trey Stewart said.

    Despite disagreements both parties say they want to work together to really improve Maine in 2019.

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