Group looks to expand ranked-choice voting to more Maine races

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    PORTLAND (WGME)-- A Maine advocacy group is working to get both federal and state races determined through ranked-choice voting.

    The League of Women Voters hopes to have a constitutional amendment passed that would allow for future Maine governor and legislative races to appear on a ranked-choice ballot.

    The Supreme Court currently says that's unconstitutional.

    The group believes Maine residents would like to see their entire ballot under ranked-choice.

    "As we heard from voters coming out of June and November, they felt like it was a more pleasant experience voting," said Anna Kellar, with League of Women Voters.

    Kellar believes voters would be able to vote in confidence for all of their preferred candidates if the governor and other state races were included in this voting style.

    "In the 2018 Congressional race, a Democrat won under ranked-choice voting, " said Kellar. "In another place, another time, it might have benefited a Republican. So, we really hope people can consider this, taking that long view and thinking about what's best for voters, not what's best for one candidate or party."

    She says if the amendment were to be approved this spring by the state House and state Senate, it would be on the November 2019 ballot for voters to consider.

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