Investigators look into how human remains got to sewage treatment plant in Conway

    Police tape (MGN)

    CONWAY (WGME) – Investigators are trying to figure out how baby human remains got inside a sewage treatment plant in Conway, New Hampshire.

    The remains were discovered Tuesday morning, and it's not clear if they are of a fetus or an infant.

    An autopsy will be conducted Wednesday to determine the age.

    Conway police were notified of the remains early Tuesday at the Conway Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    How the remains got to the plant is unknown tonight, but the Attorney General says it's likely the remains arrived by traveling through the sewer system.

    The Associate Attorney General says this is an unusual case for remains to be discovered at a wastewater treatment plant.

    “In my memory, it's a first to discover the remains at a wastewater treatment plant, but not unusual, occasionally, again we get human remains of a very young age that could be classified as a fetus or a child depending on the circumstances,” Associate Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin said.

    Law enforcement is currently in the process of trying to locate the mother to make sure she is safe and to try and understand the circumstances behind this discovery.

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