Lewiston food pantry closed after devastating fire

A food pantry in Lewiston is closed after a fire ripped through the building. (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) – A food pantry in Lewiston is closed after a fire ripped through the building.

Kevin Boilard was just days away from the grand opening of Kaydenz Kitchen Food Pantry when he found out about the fire.

“I woke up yesterday figuring out how I’m going to do the grand opening and within 30 minutes I was figuring out how do we restart,” Boilard said.

Kevin and his wife started the food pantry with their 11-year-old daughter, who wanted to help families in need.

Despite most of the food on their shelves being damaged by water and smoke, Kayden and her parents are still determined to keep feeding those in her community, even making a special trip to the grocery store to make sure no one was going hungry.

“The prior night before, a person in the community had reached out to us looking for assistance, for a care package, they were down and out they needed something to get by, had limited food in their cupboards,” Boilard said.

Even without a food pantry, they put together a package of food and goods just like normal and delivered it the next day.

“We still knew there was a family in need, so even though we were down and out, they were probably more down and out than we still were,” Boilard said.

He says they're still determined to keep their mission of helping others and are already looking at new locations.

If you would like to help out, click here.

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